The drastic changes on the Galaxy S22 make gamers should upgrade the device right away

The Galaxy S22 series has brand new upgrades that will surely make gamers satisfied.
At the Galaxy Unpacked event held in early February, Samsung officially introduced the all-new Galaxy S22 series. In this generation, Samsung has “pleased” users by equipping the genuine version with a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip instead of the Exynos 2200 processor.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 first appeared on the genuine Galaxy S series

Until now, Samsung has almost only been equipped with Exynos processors for the Galaxy S and Note series sold in the market. However, this year, the Galaxy S22 series has been equipped with the most powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip. This is what gamers have been waiting for for many years because Qualcomm‘s chip is always appreciated by gamers for its performance and stability during gaming.

Galaxy S22

Although Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 still has a disadvantage in heat, with Samsung‘s optimization on the new Galaxy S series, especially the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the temperature problem has been solved somewhat. Even when handling heavy tasks, unless the tasks are so heavy that the CPU and GPU have to operate at maximum capacity, the Galaxy S22 with Snapdragon chip still gives an impressive level of performance with a stable temperature, not too hot.

With many Chinese smartphones we have had on hand before such as Xiaomi 12 series or even the Redmi K50 Gaming gaming phone with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip and quality cooling system, the device still gives high temperatures. even when playing games and benchmarking performance with specialized software. Meanwhile, with the Galaxy S22 series, especially the Ultra version, the device gives a relatively stable temperature when operating heavily, only slightly warm on the back and within a completely acceptable range.

Stability during gameplay

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip is undeniably the most powerful chip at the moment. However, with the overheating problems that smartphone manufacturers have not yet fixed, the problem of performance degradation and instability when playing games happens more often. With the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung has somewhat optimized the stability of the device for gamers to have a better experience.

Try playing the PUBG Mobile game, Galaxy S22 series allows setting the maximum graphics level Ultra HD and the FPS Ultra level. After a game, the machine gives an average FPS of about 39 to 40 FPS, which is very stable and almost does not drop too much FPS even during fights or when the map loads very heavily. The temperature emitted is not too uncomfortable, the back of the device is just warmer than usual.

Galaxy S22 Antutu

To be able to increase FPS to 60, gamers will be forced to reduce the graphics quality from Ultra HD to HDR. At this time, the game machine is extremely smooth at FPS levels ranging from 5860, with no FPS fluctuations during the game.

Try a game that is “heavier” than Genshin Impact, also known as the “hardware killer”. Indeed, with a heavyweight open-world game like Genshin Impact, it’s almost impossible for this machine to play smoothly the “max setting” of this game without problems with performance and temperature.

With the Galaxy S22 series, the game recommends a mid-range configuration. With the FPS customized from 30 to 60 in the settings, the player is relatively smooth at the FPS level ranging from 3545, sometimes dropping to 2530 FPS. The measured temperature is also relatively high, but still at an acceptable level of 4648 degrees.

 Galaxy S22 GeekBench

We tried to customize the highest level of rendering, the machine became quite hot during the game, the FPS level was not very stable. For the most stable gaming experience, we still recommend players follow the default graphics level.

Battery life is good, 45W fast charging is available

Although Samsung is not a manufacturer racing in terms of battery life or fast charging technology, on the Galaxy S22 series in general and Galaxy S22 Ultra in particular, the device has a very good battery life, completely meeting a day. Long-term use, even if you have “heavier” needs, 45W fast charging technology will help the battery recharge quickly, of course, this charger will be sold separately, not included with the device.

PUBG Mobile “max setting” Ultra HD – FPS Ultra, stable at 40 FPS

A joy for gamers is that during the period from March 4 to the end of March 31, users who buy Galaxy S22 series and activate the warranty period during the above period will be given a 25W fast charger. The 25W capacity is still a fast power on Samsung models, so it is still completely enough for the whole Galaxy S22 series.

PUBG Mobile HDR – FPS Extreme, stable at 60 FPS

With a starting price of $999 for the Galaxy S22, this is a smartphone worth buying in the high-end segment. The device brings many breakthrough technologies, especially this year’s Ultra line with the appearance of the Note line with the S Pen stylus, not to mention the upgrades in camera, screen, performance, and battery life, or finally the brand name. The brand of the product, Galaxy S22 series is one of the top choices of gamers.

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