Samsung decided to “fight” with Xiaomi with this device

Xiaomi is no longer the brand that sells the best-performing smartphones in the segment.
Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy M23 and M33 5G duo, the two latest smartphone models of the M-series. However, unlike the previous M series, this year Samsung no longer focuses only on battery life (the biggest advantage of the M series), instead, the Galaxy M23 and M33 5G are smartphones that reconcile the advantages of the M series. The points of both the A-series and the M series, have an attractive prices, making this a smartphone duo worth buying in the mid-range segment.

In the price segment of the new Galaxy M series, Xiaomi has also launched the Redmi Note 11 series with quite a few versions, but the versions with the same price as the Galaxy M23 and M33 5G all have less powerful performance.

Galaxy M23 5G has a starting price of $280. In the segment of less than $290, there is rarely a smartphone with a “better” price-performance level than this device, including Xiaomi. In this article, we will dive into the Galaxy M23 5G, with the M33 5G version, which readers can refer to in this article.

Design “voltage stabilizer”, better than previous M series

This year’s Galaxy M series has a design that can be considered quite “stable”, the device is equipped with a matte back, not a glossy back like the Galaxy A13, A23, or last year’s Galaxy M series.

The back of the Galaxy M23 5G is a rough back, holding it firmly without leaving too many fingerprints and sweat.

With the new back material, the feeling of holding the Galaxy M23 5G is very comfortable, even though the device is not too thin (8.4mm) and weighs 198 grams. The Galaxy M23 5G has a good design, nothing special, but it’s not too bad either.

The front of the device is a 6.6-inch TFT screen with Full HD + resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. The downside of this screen probably only comes from the TFT panel which is not as good as the IPS or OLED screens, along with the rather outdated “waterdrop” design.
Compared to Xiaomi, specifically, the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G, which is currently at a price close to the M23 5G, the screen of the Galaxy M23 is definitely not as beautiful.
However, the user experience with this screen is still completely fine, with high detail, moderate brightness, and a high-end 120Hz refresh rate.

Performance: The biggest advantage of the Galaxy M23 5G

Equipped with the Snapdragon 750G chip, the chip of the Galaxy A52 5G launched last year, the Galaxy M23 5G is the most powerful smartphone in the segment priced under $290. Compared to Xiaomi phones in the same segment, the Galaxy M23 5G may lose a bit in terms of the screen as well as fast charging, but the performance is definitely not equal to Xiaomi.

The Snapdragon 750G chip on last year’s Galaxy A52 5G once again appeared on this year’s Galaxy M23 5G.

Galaxy M23 5G with Snapdragon 750G processor for relatively stable and powerful performance in the segment, AnTuTu Benchmark score is about 330,000 to 370,000 points. a score that is completely enough to smoothly play today’s popular games at low and medium graphics.

Compared with Xiaomi, specifically, the Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G, currently priced at about $310, the device is only equipped with an Helio G96 chip for much weaker performance than Snapdragon 750G, not to mention the G96 chip. does not even support 5G. Thus, in the genuine price segment of less than $290, there is no smartphone with a stronger performance than the Galaxy M23 5G.

Galaxy M23 5G gives “best” performance in the segment of less than 7 million genuine, used to play games is too delicious because the Snapdragon chip is optimized for better gaming.

Galaxy M23 5G comes with RAM Plus technology, allowing to expand the RAM capacity of the device by up to 6GB (total of 12GB).

The Galaxy M series is also advertised by Samsung as a “gaming beast”. In previous generations of M, this sentence seemed a bit “confident”, but in this year’s M series, we can confirm that this is not a wrong sentence.

The camera is fine, not as excellent as the A-series

Galaxy M23 5G is equipped with a 4 main camera system including a 50MP wide-angle camera, 5MP super wide-angle camera, 2MP macro, and 2MP depth measurement, in addition to an 8MP selfie camera. Overall, this camera quality is not so great (let alone quite bad in certain cases). However, the M series has never been a smartphone that focused on tyhe camera performance, so we can completely sympathize with Samsung on this issue.

The camera on the Galaxy M23 5G is fine for normal use, but not necessarily of excellent quality.

A few photos taken from the camera of Galaxy M23 5G: it’s still ok to post “virtual life” on social network

For a better camera performance, users can switch to A series smartphones, for example, the Galaxy A33 5G has a more expensive price of nearly $85, or the best choice is still the Galaxy A53 5G with the price of $450. The A-series has the best camera performance in the segment, even being voted by many users to have better photo quality than the OPPO Reno7 5G priced at $580, or the Xiaomi 12 priced at $800.

Galaxy A53 5G is one of Samsung‘s hottest mid-range smartphones

The battery is not 7000mAh, fast charging 25W but no charger is included

If you expect a Galaxy M with a 7000mAh battery, the Galaxy M23 5G and even the M33 5G are not for you. In recent times, Samsung has balanced between battery capacity and appearance design. 5000mAh capacity is in fact more than enough to use for a day, even up to 2 or 3 days if used sparingly. If equipped with a 7000mAh battery, the device will have an “oversized” body, as thick as the previous Galaxy M51 and M62.

Galaxy M23 5G has quite a good battery life, can last 2 days if not playing games and only using basic tasks

Therefore, equipping a 5000mAh battery is very reasonable, not being too weak or making the device too big. In addition, the device also supports 25W fast charging, but users need to buy an additional charger because the Galaxy M does not include a charger with the device. Compared to Xiaomi models with 33W or 67W fast-charging batteries, even 120W, it is clear that the Galaxy M is not a competitor.

The most important is the price: Galaxy M23 5G is priced at just over $250

The listed selling price of Galaxy M23 5G is $290, but current users can buy it for just over $250 due to the initial sale (April 1 – 15, 2022), Galaxy M23 5G discount is $30-$40.

It should be noted that the Galaxy M series is not widely distributed by Samsung in different sales channels, instead of focusing only on selling on e-commerce sites as well as on Samsung’s sales website. This creates a barrier for many users who want to buy the device, but it is a way for Samsung to optimize costs, thereby providing an attractive price for users.

At a price of more than $250, the Galaxy M23 5G is indeed a machine to help Samsung “fight” with Xiaomi in the mid-range segment. With the “premier chips“, the Galaxy M23 5G is even more worth buying when this machine is equipped with the most powerful chip in the price segment below $300.

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