On hand and quick review POCO X3 Pro: Price is just over $250 but has 8 series Snapdragon chip, 120Hz screen, 5160mAh battery

POCO X3 Pro is currently a powerful smartphone with the top 1 price segment of $250.

At the end of March, besides the POCO F3, the renamed version of Redmi K40 introduced to attract the attention of Android users, this brand also launched a new smartphone named: POCO X3 Pro. This is essentially a powerful upgrade version of the POCO X3 NFC launched at the end of last year, while the price of the device is quite cheap, even cheaper than the POCO X3 NFC at the time of release.

The POCO X3 Pro has the same canning method as its predecessor, using yellow and black tones as the main color tone.

The accessories included with the machine are quite complete: USB-C charging cable, fast charger with a maximum capacity of 33W with a standard plastic case … even included a few stickers with the name “POCO” and slogan of the company

This is the POCO X3 Pro. The version we have on hand is the black one, but looking outside in the morning will turn a little purple.

Looking at it, we can easily see that the POCO X3 Pro has a design that has not changed too much compared to the predecessor version of NFC. The back of the device will still be finished from plastic, with the main camera cluster placed in the circular module, the “POCO” logo placed horizontally. This dorsal surface is divided into 3 arrays, in which the middle one is glossy plastic and the two sides are abrasive.

Compare the POCO X3 Pro (left) and the regular POCO X3 NFC (right). The design is almost 100% identical, the only difference coming from the back of the NFC version is completely glossy plastic.

Details of the main camera cluster of the two machines. This camera cluster is designed slightly convex from the back. In terms of camera parameters, this will be a “reversion” of the Pro version compared to the regular NFC version. The main camera and super-wide-angle camera of the Pro version are reduced from 64MP and 13MP to 48MP and 8MP respectively. 2 2MP macro cameras and depth measurement are preserved, but these are also considered to be the two most useless cameras.

Get a quick feel for the camera of the POCO X3 Pro: the photo is bright enough at normal levels, nothing stands out similar to the standard NFC version. Photos of people, if not in beautiful daylight conditions, the skin is dull, not suitable for female users, or simply not suitable for users who need a better quality camera.

Despite having a normal camera, which is even worse than a few other models in the segment, but the advantage of the POCO X3 Pro is not from the camera but from the performance. It is equipped with the world’s first Snapdragon 860 chip. The Snapdragon 860 is a slightly upgraded version of the Snapdragon 855+ launched two years ago.

Although it’s essentially a 2-year-old chip, the performance that this Snapdragon 860 chip offers is still really impressive. Performance score when given with AnTuTu Benchmark V9 gives results up to nearly 550,000 points, an impressive score in the price segment of just over $250.

Compared with the regular POCO X3 NFC with a Snapdragon 732G chip, it is clear that the Snapdragon 860 on the Pro version offers significantly improved performance.

Another advantage of the POCO X3 Pro in particular and the POCO X3 series, in general, comes from the screen. Both are equipped with a 6.67-inch screen, using an IPS LCD panel and a 120Hz refresh rate. The screen of the POCO X3 Pro is also protected by a premium Gorilla Glass 6. In general, the screen of the POCO X3 is of an acceptable level in exchange for the high frequency of the scan

The POCO X3 Pro allows for customization between 60Hz and 120Hz

This screen is a “mole” screen with a 20MP selfie camera placed in the center. Due to the use of LCD panels, the screen of the POCO X3 still has the phenomenon of “blackening” at the edge

In addition, with a large capacity 5160mAh battery with 33W fast charging capability, the POCO X3 Pro is a gaming machine that is most suitable for mobile gamers.

Try playing popular games like League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, or Genshin Impact on the POCO X3 Pro, which gives very good processing power, average high FPS, and doesn’t overheat during gameplay. We will have a detailed game test on this device in the near future

POCO X3 Pro runs on the latest MIUI for POCO version 12 interface based on Android 11. Because it is MIUI version for POCO, it uses some pure Google apps like the caller, messaging app, default POCO Launcher, and a few more options in settings.

POCO X3 Pro can currently be considered as the most attractive performance machine in the price segment of just over $250. In this segment, in terms of genuine products, there is no machine with more powerful performance than the POCO X3 Pro, not to mention a few other factors such as a 120Hz screen or terrible battery life.

POCO X3 Pro is a machine that is suitable for users who need the best level of performance at the most reasonable price, especially gamers. The device is not suitable for users to buy to use the camera, female users or not too suitable for older users

POCO X3 Pro is currently sold with 2 memory versions 6GB / 128GB and 8GB / 256GB at the same price o $325 and $375.

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